School Policy

School Performances:

  1. Dussera puja will be observed and a student performance will be arranged. All are expected to attend with friends and family. Admission and dinner are free.
  2. Annual fund raising performance will be held in July and students are expected to participate in this performance. Well known professional musicians will provide the orchestra music.
  3. Participation in this annual fund raising performance requires payment of fees and sale of tickets. An announcement will be made in October and registration will begin in November.
  4. Costume and jewelry and accessories must be purchased from me and must meet my approval.
  5. Besides the Dussera performance and the annual performance other performances will be arranged in local venues and at community events and students are expected to participate and have full dance costume. Participation in these events are free.
  6. All student recitals must meet my approval and additional lessons may be required before students perform outside.

September 2022 – August 2023